Apostle Joshua Selman Contact

Apostle Joshua Selman Contact , Phone Number , Email Address

Apostle Joshua Selman Contact
Apostle Joshua Selman Contact

Apostle Joshua Selman Contact : Wondering to to get the Contact Details of Apostle Joshua Selman such as his Phone Number and Email Address , then you are at the right place.

Please note that the Details shared below are for Official use Only , Apostle Joshua Selman is a Great and True man of God , who is also the founder of Koinonia.

Koininia is a Church Located at Samaru, Zaria, Kaduna State , Nigeria.

Eternity Network International was Founded on March 2011 , please note that KOINONIA is a weekly programme organised by the Eternity Network International where people come to experience WORSHIP, WORD, MIRACLES AND LOVE, experience true intimacy with the Holy spirit and learn to be with Him, be like Him and represent Him.

Below are the Right Contact Details of Apostle Joshua Selman:

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Apostle Joshua Selman Contact AddressApostle Joshua Selman Contact Address

The Contact Address of Apostle Joshua Selman is not his House Address rather the Location of His Church , there you can meet with the Man of God and Other Prophets and Pastors , below get the details below and remain blessed in Jesus Name.

Christ Gospel Church, Samaru, Zaria, Nigeria


Kaduna State

Apostle Joshua Selman Phone NumberApostle Joshua Selman Phone Number

Apostle Joshua Selman is Not On WhatsApp and Please kindly note that their are many scammers online looking for who to defraud with his name.

On this paragraph we will give you the full details of what you need about his contact phone number

The Phone numbers below are mainly for Prayer Requests and Prayer Line , so please kindly use as stated.

Phone Number
Call +(234) 0814 721 4444

Apostle Joshua Selman Email AddressApostle Joshua Selman Email Address

Sending a mail to a man of God might be the easiest way to get connected to him because so many of their does not have time to Answer calls.

Today we will share with you a direct way to get Apostle Joshua Selman using a mail address.

Please note that by sending a mail to Apostle Joshua Selman , please don’t expect a reply because most times you will not get a reply.

Below is the Contact email address to stay connected with Apostle Joshua Selman.

Thanks and always share your testimonies.

Please note that if you are finding it difficult with the contact details above kindly contact the publisher with the details below.

Otherwise Read the 3 Top Powerful Messages By Apostle Joshua Selman

First Message By Apostle Joshua Selman
Salvation Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank You for the price You paid to save and deliver me out of darkness into Your light.

I believe that You died for me and I receive You into my life as my Lord and savior.

By faith, I declare that I am born again.

“Men and brethren, when we face difficulties in our life that would make it seem as if we are on a ship being tossed upon a stormy sea, how exactly can we be still and become a comfort to our family while a storm rages around us?

How do we command Peace at Last in Turbulent Times? Here me, you cannot find peace by avoiding life but by living according to the command and directions of God.

God is saying to someone here who is ready to revenge, don’t return violence for violence. If you do, you allow the violent person to set the agenda! Instead, look on the other with compassion. Return good for evil.

Do more than you must. Give because others ask it of you.

It is our refusal to retaliate in kind that gives Love the upper hand and reveals the Kingdom of Heaven at work in us and whenever you are confronted with an opponent.

Conquer him with love.

Leave vengeance to God Romans 12:19. Let God fight for you. I announce, the God I serve shall fight your battles beginning today”Apostle Joshua Selman

Third Message By Apostle Joshua Selman
“Regardless of the circumstances – whether you are right or wrong, accuser or accused, offender or offended – in order to live in the freedom God desires for you, you must forgive and let go of offence.”


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Thanks and God Bless You.

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